Friday, September 23, 2016

Fall is here in the Absegami Sustainable Garden

To take a line from Game of Thrones....."Winter Fall is Coming" Finally!

The Absegami garden is abuzz with a fall harvest and planting. The pics below show some of our pickings from this week as well as our first set of the pumpkins we planted in April. Students in Biology, Environmental Science, and Sustainability have been out doing scavenger hunts, collecting samples, and identifying organisms present in the garden, and harvesting for our culinary department. We planted beets, spinach, and lettuce all of which are already producing usable plants. See the pics below and look out for more information!!

 A few sunflower samples....
                                    Casper and Orange                                                                     Pumpkins

In addition, we are proud to announce that, last week, our Culinary students were able to make homemade Pesto with Basil from the garden and sell it to staff. We were able to make over 10 jars of Pesto. More information on products to come....

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