Wednesday, May 3, 2017

March/April in the Absegami Gardens

Absegami Gardens Update: 5/3/17

Hello again everyone!  Many people have been reaching out to see how the gardens are coming along and we have been so busy that I've been unable to post since early March. We have had a productive start to spring and all of our plants are either in the ground or ready for planting once we harvest our cooler weather crops. I have to say that the number of staff members and students helping this year has really allowed us to maximize our growing time and continually provide fresh produce to be enjoyed by all. We have had numerous classes out to weed, plant, water, and provide general maintenance to the beds. Chris Bell and Jimmy Harritopulous were instrumental in helping prepare the gardens; picking up and dumping soil, fixing beds, and planting. Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Gergler, Mr. Matousch, Mrs. Strigh and many others have been out in the garden frequently to assist with care and of course, Mrs. Flukey has been non-stop coordinating planting, seed starting in green house, watering, weeding, and all other tasks that come with the management of 2 fully functioning gardens. Even with all the planting and growing work, we found time to welcome home 6 baby chickens that will live in our gardens and provide farm fresh eggs to accompany the produce. The chickens are getting big and have just moved to their coop permanently.  Last week we were able to pick 10 bags of spinach and lettuce, 5 bags of radishes, and a bunch of fresh thyme and oregano. Each week we have new products to offer and what is not scooped up by students and staff has been used in our culinary program.  Nothing goes to waste!!  Please enjoy the pictures below and keep checking the blog for more!! If you are interested in receiving fresh produce, please let us know.  For a small donation, we have a number of crops to provide.

~ Ron

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